Atelier Cormon

Painting Classes in the 1880s
Fernand Cormon was a Painter and a Beaux Arts teacher
that run the Parisian Art school Atelier Corman in the 1880s.

The school was located on 10 rue Constance, 75018 Paris
near the Boulevard de Clichy in Montmartre.
Phonebook of
He had many students, some of them became world famous artist.
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Villa La Grimpette
Van Gogh painting once located in the Villa La Grimpette
Villa La Grimpette
Villa La Grimpette
Atelier Corman
Atelier Corman
Henri Toulouse Lautrec
Eugene Boch
Emile Bernard
Vincent van Gogh
John Peter Russell
Ferdinand Cormon
Ferdinand Cormon
Ferdinand Cormon
Ferdinand Cormon

Among others his students were:
Louis Anquetin, Armand Assus, Maurice Adrey,
Adolphe Beaufrère, Émile Bernard, Eugène Boch,
Jacques Bonneaud, Georges Bottini, Omer Désiré Bouchery, George Hendrik Breitner, Marius de Buzon,
Ibrahim Çalli, Auguste-Elysée Chabaud, Eugéne-Louis Chayllery, Émile Claro,
Lucien-Victor Delpy, Guillaume Desgranges, Paul Élie Dubois,
Thorvald Erichsen,
Augustin Ferrando, Constantin Font, Jules Fouqueray, Pierre Frailong, Jean Frélaut,
Alphonse Germain-Thill, Charles Laval, Victor le Baube, Emmanuel Mané-Katz, Ödön Márffy,
Maurice Marinot, Henri Marret, Henri Matisse, Louis Agricol Montagné, Louis Muraton,
Alphonse Osbert, Henri Person, Nicholas Roerich, John Peter Russell,
Édouard-Marcel Sandoz, Chaïm Soutine, Edmond Tapissier,
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Vincent Van Gogh,
Henri Villain, Jacques Villon.

As Eugene was very shy he did not so much want to be in photos,
which at the time were something new and a little unusual ...
this might be the reason
why he is not in the above picture.
Vincent van Gogh is not in any Atelier Cormon photo either.

Eugene BochVincent van Gogh
We added a photo of Eugène
and a portrait von Vincent painted by Henri Toulouse Lautrec.

During these years Eugene Boch lived rue Ganneron
in the 18th arrondissement of Paris,
walking distance to 54 rue Lepic (home of Theo van Gogh and also Vincent van Gogh)
and to 10 rue Constance (atelier Corman)
Phonebook of

Years later in 1910 Eugene erected the Villa La Grimpette in Moython
where many of his art student friends went to visit him.

Eugene was never short of money
as he was receiving dividends from the Ceramic activities
of Boch Freres and Villeroy & Boch.
Also we was not living a "bling bling" lifestyle.

He enjoyed helping his artist friends in difficulties
whenever they asked him for some support
... he bought their paintings.

over the years an impressive collection came together ...

Villa La GrimpetteEugen Boch by Vincent van Gogh
what happened to the beautiful
Villa La Grimpette ?